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Silent Auction


Just Be You is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to build teens' confidence through self-compassion and self-love. Through workshops, motivational speakers, and after-school clubs Just Be You focuses on the daily challenges of life as a modern teen.






our messaging encourages young adults to embrace their unique self while outfitting them with the tools needed to understand and implement self-compassion and resilience. When we are kinder to ourselves we are better equipped to handle adversity and are kinder and more compassionate toward others. 

is the ability to comfort        and soothe ourselves; to motivate ourselves with encouragement when we feel inferior or less than. 

       is the ability to bounce back. One who has emotional strength and perseveres in the face of challenges, allowing ourselves to manifest courage, optimism, and adaptability.

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For more information, please contact Austin at or use the form below.Thank you! 

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