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Adolescence is a time of change and growth. It is the period of life reserved for rebellion and self-discovery, but as the demands in life increase for teens, this time is often fraught with confusion, anxiety or depression. Some teens spend too much time questioning themselves: am I good enough, pretty enough, or smart enough? This practice prioritizes how you believe the world sees you rather than how you view yourself.

At Just Be You, we understand the frustrations of adolescent life, so we are dedicated to helping you discover the freedom to say what you find important and to determine what you want to contribute to society. We are a nonprofit organization with a focus on raising your self-esteem and confidence. Our purpose is to provide a safe place where you can talk to one of our mentors about your feelings and, hopefully, find healing. Be kind to yourself, reach out for help, and begin a wonderful journey. Contact us for information on life coaching, mentoring, and counseling, and check back soon for information on our upcoming empowerment workshops.

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At Just Be You, our goal is to encourage teens to be happy just being themselves. We are passionate about bringing them into a new world where they can dream, evolve, and embrace their unique potential. To make a meaningful difference, Beth created Just Be You as a nonprofit organization to provide teen support services in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. She has a Master's degree in psychology is educated in clinical and teen counseling. Beth is passionate about our non-profit organization, as she has always dreamed of having helping adolescents be her life's work. We strive to empower teens to be bold, be brilliant, and just be you!


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